Matrix of Differences



Crealist           novels

In this paragon (presented 1991) we compare 4 (four) dominant paradigms in 19th and 20th Centuries: Realism(s)Modernism(s), Postmodernism(s) and CREALISM.... Matrix is available in English here.

In the book KREALIZAM published 2002. we thoroughly elaborated our theses from Matrix of differences. Other essays (demonstrating the crealist approach to different problems of modern age) are included... In first essay CREALISM main theoretical concepts and practices of Realism, Modernism, Postmodernism and Crealism are confronted in 10 (ten) fundamental fields, starting from perception of reality, trough understanding of history and culture to art and political engagement... CREALISM is available in English here.

"21st Century novels" are Ariadne thread in questioning fundamental problems of human existence. Their form is specific combination of holistic literature (symphony of prose, poetry, essay...) and historical anthropo­logy; of personal, local and universal concern; of global unity and cultural diversity; of synchronic and diachronic levels; of text and hypertext; of retrospection (past), inspection (present) and prospection (future)... In brief, "the Gordian knot of human nature, Man's multipotential existence" (from critical reviews).


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