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Crealism is a new 21st Century paradigm in Philosophy, Anthropology, Art!

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Crealism (Fr. Crealisme, Ger. Krealizmus, Slav. Krealizm/Krealizam) is based on a    postulate that Man is creative being (Homo Creator) and that creativity is the driving force in human development and culture.

The vital core of any contemporary philosophy should be simple but crucial wisdom: we live in the world of Creality, Reality made by us. This is ontological, gnoseological and axiological essence of Being. All other truths are derived from this basic fact…

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The term was coined by Momir Nikic, Ph. D., anthropologist and writer, in early 1990s, during his researches and studies at Museum of Mankind, Oxford and Brown universities. At first, it was presented as new position in Literature and Art in opposition to other approaches (Realism, Modernism, Post­modernism). Initially exposed at AAASS (American Association for Advancement of Slavic Studies) it was posted on Internet  www. geocities. com/moshanik in a specific ''paragon'' scheme (side by side comparison of different views onthe world and artistic creation) called Matrix of Differences (1991).

Later on the author published a book Krealizam (2002) presented on the Net by electronic journal Kritika etc. on the West Washington University portal. The main essay Crealism and Matrix of Differences are available in English > Crealities.  


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